Printed Circuit Fabrication

Polyflon, the leader in pure PTFE Microwave Substrates (CuFlon®) has been providing the industry comprehensive experience in microwave circuit manufacturing capabilities for over 25 years.

Polyflon offers extensive knowledge in fabricating of Single-Sided and Double-Sided PCB as well as complex microwave PTFE and Mixed Dielectric Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards. Virtually any size circuit can be processed, from the smallest millimeter wave design to large antenna arrays up to 60” long. Highly skilled personnel are available to assist customers in meeting a tight deadline for a single circuit-board prototype, or support high volume production runs. Polyflon can provide start-to-finish services, from review of initial design through final machining, or any number of steps in the process.


Polyflon specializes in manufacturing high performance laminates and substrates including but not limited to:

  • CuFlon® – pure PTFE Substrates
  • Woven, Non-Woven, and other PTFE based substrates
  • Polyimide and polyester films
  • Rigid ground plane constructions incorporating copper, aluminum, or brass back plates