CuFlon        Data Sheet        Processing Guide

Polyflon has taken advantage of the qualities of PTFE and coupled them with a proprietary plating process to produce a microwave substrate whose electrical performance cannot be equaled by any other substrate at this time.



NorCLAD       Data Sheet        Processing Guide
Polyflon's NorCLAD laminates, made from the thermoplastic PPO (Polyphenylene Oxide), have an ideal dielectric constant of 2.55, very uniform and reproducible electrical properties, and are stable over temperature.

POLYGUIDE       Data Sheet        Processing Guide

Polyguide clad laminates and dielectrics are precision fabricated from the highest quality, high-density polyolefin available. Irradiation cross-linking of the polyolefin permanently imparts improved electrical homogeneity and mechanical toughness, while significantly enhancing the temperature and chemical resistance of the material. These laminates are impervious to solvents and solutions used in microwave circuit processing and fabrication.


Copper-Clad ULTEM®       Data Sheet 

Polyflon had added another microwave laminate to its product list. Polyflon's Copper-Clad ULTEM® laminates, made from the engineering amorphous thermoplastic PEI (Polyetherimide), have isotropic electrical and mechanical properties with exceptional thermal stability. The specific gravity of 1.27 is significantly less than that of competitive PTFE/Glass material.   ULTEM® is a registered trademark of General Electric.

Bonding Films        Data Sheet 
Polyflon Bonding Film is a thermally stabilized, irradiated polyolefin co-polymer developed for bonding single or multi-layer microwave strip-line circuit boards fabricated from POLYGUIDE clad laminates.