Polyflon Company was founded in the 1950’s by Gus Hodges and began its life as a small machine shop in Bronx, NY. Hodges had an interest in engineering grade plastics fabrication, which at the time was a rapidly evolving field.

One of the challenges had been how to integrate plastics with metal as they are obviously highly dissimilar materials. As it happened S. W. Farber, Inc., founded by Simon Farber, moved to the Bronx, NY to expand the business into stainless steel cookware. Farber endeavored to harness the unique characteristics of Teflon, created in 1938 by DuPont, for use on its cookware to create a non-stick surface. What the company inadvertently developed was just the opposite: a way to metalize PTFE, which was of little interest to Farber but was of considerable interest to Hodges – although for very different reasons.

Polyflon acquired the process from S.W. Farber, and began electroplating PTFE of all shapes and sizes. Given the superior dielectric properties of PTFE, it was quickly found that an ideal market would be in RF and microwave components. One of Polyflon’s first products using PTFE was a custom built capacitor employed in large U.S. Navy shipboard radar program. Using this plating capability, Polyflon began marketing a product line called PolyPlate, an array of PTFE shapes plated with copper.

As the marketplace became aware of Polyflon’s unique capabilities, they quickly received large contracts from companies such as Western Electric for a 0.25-in-thick distribution board used in the first cell site towers and from programs such as Over-the-Horizon radar for which Polyflon supplied custom-built, fixed-value capacitors. Polyflon’s products allowed RF and microwave engineers to develop designs that significantly outperformed their competition.

In 1985, Polyflon was acquired by Crane Co., a diversified manufacturer of highly engineered industrial products with over 11,000 employees working together across 26 countries.

With the desire to expand to other dielectric materials, Polyflon acquired the rights to a technology for laminating irradiated HDPE from the Canadian company Shawinigan Research and Technology (SRT) in 1994. The product line is called POLYGUIDE®.

Other products including NorCLAD® followed by which time Polyflon had gained an impressive reputation for its ability to manufacture microwave laminates and substrate materials with superior properties. This capability, along with its now decades-long experience in electroplating and plastics fabrication, made Polyflon an innovator in commercial, scientific, industrial, medical and space industries throughout the world. Polyflon currently occupies a 16,050 ft.2 facility at One Willard Road, Norwalk, CT.

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